Our Mission

The Kent County CARES Foundation protects children against abuse & neglect, preserves families against violence or breakdown, and supports self-sufficiency in vulnerable adults & children by funding needs not otherwise met through State, Federal or local funding.

Kent County has only placed one child in Foster Care in the last 2 years, while also having one child grown out of foster care into independence.

We’re the only county in Maryland to achieve this great goal for children and families in our county. This has been accomplished by the hard work of The KC DSS to support and protect our families.

Building a Community!

All fundraising proceeds benefit social service programs that assist & protect vulnerable children & adults in Kent County.

Did you know?


Maryland Child Advocacy Centers served 4770 children in 2020. 65% of the victims were due to sexual abuse allegations.


All Maryland counties now have a Child Advocacy Center. 71% of these are fully accredited including Kent County.


In 2020 there were 29 child victims evaluated in our Child Advocacy Center.


72% of Kent County child victims were due to sexual abuse allegations.



Not all needed services are funded by the government.